Akrobatics and Yoga

Acroyoga is sharing the joy of movements. In a playful way we connect with the body, with ourselves and with the group. We learn to design figures together that we wouldn't be able to do on our own.

The characters that appear can look impressive, but are also impressively easy to learn. Everyone can learn to fly! Especially if you already have a good body feeling, because acro and climbing go well together for a reason.

In this workshop we explain the most important details that you need as a base, pilot or spotter. It's about feeling what feels good and light. The key message in Acroyoga is: "If it's fun, it's right!"

The workshop is open to everyone: Open Heart, Open Level.

Roeli und Martina.png

Roeli Eldermann & Martina Stobinsky

Roelie has been living in Berlin for three years and since then she has been teaching yoga and acroyoga courses weekly and increasingly also acroyoga workshops. She's not that familiar with climbing yet. She uses the power of her hands in her free time - if not for acro, then preferably for massaging.

Martina is a freelance designer and has also been teaching acro yoga for many years. She is passionate about giving Thai massages. She has overcome her fear of heights by bouldering, but her favorite movement besides yoga practice is dancing.