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For Female Climbers

Yoga complements climbing: there is an overlap and synergy between the disciplines on both the physical and mental level. From the basics (how does yoga work? What do I have to consider? How can yoga help me?) To the subtleties (why is breathing so important and how does it help me climb?). The workshop covers all aspects that climbers need to know for an optimal complementary yoga practice.

Contents: Improving the feeling of movement, body tension and flexibility / working on weaknesses and optimizing the mental approach / stretching properly, promoting regeneration / exercises for balance training and improving athletics, mental approaches.


Sarah Burmester

Sarah Burmester started climbing in 1997 on the sandstone rocks of the Northern Eifel. From bouldering to sport climbing to traditional climbing and alpine climbing, she loves the whole range of climbing. As an online editor, she maintains the website of the KLETTERN magazine and also works as a routesetter. Another great passion of hers is Ashtanga Yoga. In addition, she works as a freelance journalist and translator.