Trust, Balance and Relaxation

Contact Improvisation is a contemporary dance style that deals with the active discovery of all movement possibilities. The dancers improvise in the play with the gravity and the dynamics of movement and contact. Balance and confidence exercises can be practiced to warm up or to balance climbing.

Shiatsu - "finger pressure" in Japanese - is a full body treatment that the energy balances and thereby activates self-healing powers. The basis is traditional Chinese medicine. The techniques can solve mental blocks as well as physical tension: we will learn to treat the partner and ourselves.

In the workshop we learn to create a special trust (relationship) between the partners through dance and touch, to experience lightness and to listen to the body. Anyone who wants to enrich their climbing with aspects of dance and shiatsu can participate.

No experience with dance or massage needed. Everything can be learned intuitively.


Marie Zeller

Marie grew up in Fontainebleau, France. She started bouldering on the famous sandstone in „Bleau“ at the age of 12. She danced in a Modern Jazz Team for many years. She currently lives in Berlin and deals with Shiatsu and Far Eastern massage techniques. She works as a trainer in a forest high ropes course and in the Bouldergarten, where she occasionally also sets boulder routes routes.