Dynos,running starts and much more

In this workshop we deal intensively with the topic of dynamics in bouldering. Double Dynos, Flags, Run and Jumps, Deadpoints: dynamic climbing is versatile and does not always mean jumping the same distance. Together we want to try different jumps and elements of dynamic bouldering. It is about coordination, technique, reducing fear of jumping and developing ideas on how you can continue to train your dyno skills in your home gym. But the focus is on one thing above all: sharing fun with dynamic movements!

Wasn't jumping really your thing? Do you like to avoid dynamic boulders? You don't have to be a dynamic expert to participate. This workshop is aimed at everyone (beginners and experts) who wants to deliberately deal with jumps and dynamic movements when bouldering. Beginners, advanced an expert climbers can participate in this workshop!


Stella Louise Rosiere

Stella discovered her passion for bouldering six years ago. Since then she has been “bouldering” across Europe in the outdoors. As a city child from Berlin, she also spends a lot of time in the boulder gyms in Berlin.

She is part of the Berta Block team, which supports ambitious women living in Berlin in bouldering and climbing. An important topic that they practice in team training are jumps and complex dynamic boulder problems.

While Stella used to avoid "comp-style" or "modern" bouldering, she has now learned to like it a lot. She is happy to share her experience and enthusiasm for jumps and dynamic movements with you in the workshop "Dynamic Moves".