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Mental Strenght While Lead Climbing

How can I strengthen my self-confidence and how can I find orientation and motivation in sport climbing? In an intensive workshop we want to strengthen our mental side when climbing. On the one hand, it will be about fear of falling and failure and how we can overcome it. On the other hand, we will learn techniques to mentally shield ourselves from disturbing thoughts and external influences while lead climbing. Climbing tactics and mental attitudes will be the focus.

Requirements: indoor climbing license for climbing for lead climbing or corresponding climbing experience in lead climbing

Material: Rope, belay device, harness, shoes

Attention! Fear of Falling I and Fear of Falling II are two joint workshops, i.e. You must take part in both! There is a pause between Part I and Part II


Josefin Pöhlmann & Melinda Vigh

Josefine is from Ecuador. She has been living in Berlin since 2010, is a trained dance and theater scholar. She has completed the trainer certificate C, mass sport with additional qualification in Trad Climbing at the DAV (German Alpine Club). At the moment she is focusing on mental issues in climbing and holistic training methods.

Melinda has been climbing for 7 years. Climbing has quickly become her passion, even though she only has fingers on one hand. She loves climbing because it challenges her and at the same time teaches her to get the best out of her ability to solve problems, physical performance and mental strength. She is fascinated by how mental attitudes affect climbing performance and she loves the meditative nature of climbing in lead climbing. She is twice vice-world champion in paraclimbing, but she feels happiest on multi-pitch tours in the Alps.