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it's all in your head

Some climbing days nothing will go right although you are in the best physical conditions. Disturbing thoughts pop up in your mind and maybe you even get angry with yourself.

The fun part of climbing seems to be somehow missing and your improvement lacks. Most of the time we accuse our physical weakness and other external causes for this failure. But most of the time it's our mindset that influences how we perceive our surrounding and our own capacities.

Main goals of this workshop: learn methods to get to estimate better your weaknesses and strenths and not only your subjective view. Learn to understand your thoughts that hinders you and try out alternative ways to stay out of the dead end. Beginners, advanced an expert climbers can participate in this workshop! 

Requirements: at least one year of climbing or bouldering experience (indoor and / or outdoor), difficulty on the rope approx. 6+ / bouldering medium difficulty, interest in mental training, climbing shoes, sportswear, chalk, notebook and pen.


Michèle Knaup

Michele has been rock climbing in France and Spain since 2007, but she also keeps fit her mental strength on alpine adventures in the Dolomites and other climbing spots like

Scotland or Corsica. Since 2010 she has been giving climbing training and coaching at the DAV Hamburg (German Alpine Club). There she is the base coach for the Hamburg performance squad in the areas of lead, speed and bouldering. In addition, she worked for several years in a climbing and bouldering gym as a trainer in recreational and competitive sports. In addition to a lot of daily practical experience, she also has the trainer licenses C and B Sport Climbing Competitive Sports (DAV) and C and B Mental Training Competitive Sports (DMA).