The First Climbing and Boulder Festival for Women in Germany
March 8th, 2020
Bouldergarten Berlin

The FELSHELDINNEN FESTIVAL is the first official climbing and bouldering festival for women*. It will take place for the first time on March 8th, 2020, on the International Women's Day, at BOULDERGARTEN in Berlin.


In an environment that is as free as possible from social assignments, it will be possible for us to connect, to move out from our own comfort zones, to push each other and, above all, to have A LOT OF FUN!


There will be climbing specific and experimental workshops on bouldering, rope climbing, training (mentally and physically) and health. In the evening, all genders are very welcome to attend the panel discussion and the film screening of the German film premiere PRETTY STRONG (Never not collective)!


The FELSHELDINNEN FESTIVAL is a place to connect.






Mental Strength For Lead Climbing

How can I strengthen my self-confidence and how can I find orientation and motivation in sport climbing? In an intensive workshop we want...

Josefin Pöhlmann & Melinda Vigh


Dynos,running starts and much more

In this workshop we deal intensively with the topic of dynamics in bouldering. Double Dynos, Flags, Run and Jumps, Deadpoints: dynamic climbing is versatile and...

Stella Louise Rosiere


Practice Your Coordination

You want to learn coordinative complex movemnts? That's not possible overnight. But you can improve a lot in your fine motoric skills when...

Sarah Burmester

„I attend the Feslheldinnen Festival because I like the organizers Anna and Melle and I am honored that they invite me as a trainer. I find it annoying that the man-woman gap that still exists in society can also be found in climbing. So, as long as women’s events are needed, I would also like to participate and help that we will soon no longer need them - if you understand what I mean.“


Workshops: Motoric Special and Ashtanga Yoga



The Felsheldinnen program offers various workshops on rope climbing, bouldering, training and health issues! There is great content for everyone, whether you are a beginner or an expert! Check it out!


(Please note that some workshops are included in the day ticket - a maximum of two per day ticket. Additional workshops can be purchased on top of the day ticket. Participants must be at least 14 years old for the workshops)

„Although I like to climb with boys, I think an exchange between girls is important so that we girls can learn from each other, push each other and inspire each other. It's a bit different among girls than climbing with boys.“


Workshop: Fear of Falling

„I am happy to meet a lot of motivated & crazy climbing girls with whom you can exchange ideas. Training women with women develops its own dynamic. There is a special basis of trust on which women tend to dare to leave the comfort zone.“


Workshop: Head Games - Its All In Your Head

PANEL DISCUSSION All genders are welcome

Organizing an “only women” festival also means positioning yourself on the gender issue. Terms like feminism, equality, exclusion and many other terms suddenly appear in the room. What was supposed to be "just" a day of bouldering and climbing among women* with no bad intentions in the original idea suddenly gets a political note. Then you have to take a position, justify yourself, explain yourself, endure shitstorm and lack of understanding. Is it fair for other genders to make a women's festival? Aren't we all for equality for everyone? What undertone does such a festival have? All of this should be discussed and highlighted in the lecture and the panel discussion. We are pleased that from 6 p.m. we invite all genders to a lively exchange. We will exchange views with respect and also take a stand!

Film Screening – German Premiere


Never Not Collective

(Engl OV, without subtitles)

We are "pretty" proud to serve you the German premiere of the film PRETTY STRONG (Never Not Collective, presented by REI)!

Look forward to inspiring stories about some of the strongest badass climbers! Let yourself be inspired!

March 8th, 2020, Bouldergarten

From 5.13 big walls in Yosemite to 5.14 sport climbs in Mexico to V14 boulder problems in Colorado, Pretty Strong follows eight of the world’s strongest female climbers as they explore new climbing areas, send hard projects, and push the boundaries of the sport and themselves. Putting badass ladies front and center, this isn’t a film about gender imbalance, or the sexualization of women, or what it’s like to have your period at the crag. This is a film about some of the best climbers in the world—some you know, some you don’t—doing what they do best: crushing hard rock climbs. Your palms will sweat from the dizzying heights, your imagination will expand with the breathtaking landscapes, and your motivation will soar from the determination and try-hard of these strong women. The climbers featured include Nina Williams, Katie Lambert, Daila Ojeda, Hazel Findlay, and more. Created by the all-women production team Never Not Collective, Pretty Strong is a climbing film about women, by women, and for everyone.




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