practice your coordination

You want to learn coordinative complex movemnts? That's not possible overnight. But you can improve a lot in your fine motoric skills when you know the way how to accomplish it. The Motoric Special workshop is about learning high-quality coordinative movements in a playful way. Tips and excercises will help to improve the coordinative skills and to apply them while climbing. Beginners, advanced an expert climbers can participate in this workshop!


Sarah Burmester

Sarah Burmester started climbing in 1997 on the sandstone rocks of the Northern Eifel. From bouldering to sport climbing to traditional climbing and alpine climbing, she loves the whole range of climbing. As an online editor, she maintains the website of the KLETTERN magazine and also works as a routesetter. Another great passion of hers is Ashtanga Yoga. In addition, she works as a freelance journalist and translator.