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Finally relax! In this mini workshop you will get an introduction to Thai yoga massage. Let yourself be touched and let go of unnecessary tension after climbing. Find your rhythm, balance between giving and receiving in the massage and give your undivided attention.

In the context of the Felsheldinnen Festival, today we focus on shoulders, arms, hands and upper back. In an uncomplicated but effective process, we invite the muscles to give in. Then the partners swap roles.

The workshop is suitable for beginners. Everyone is welcome. We will work in groups of two. You either make an appointment in advance or we find a partner for you on site.

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Roelie Elderman

Roelie Eldermann, Workshop: Acro Yoga & Thai Massage 
Roelie has been living in Berlin for three years and since then she has been teaching yoga and acroyoga courses weekly and increasingly also acroyoga workshops. She's not that familiar with climbing yet. She uses the power of her hands in her free time - if not for acro, then preferably for massaging.