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Mixed Creative Movement

Floor-Wall-Aerial movement- we will roll our bodies on the floor, swing in the rhythm of the music on the walls and turn ourselves upsidedown on aerial apparatus. Creative exercises are introduced as a reminder of the fact that all sports and movement activities are a unique experience for our body and the more our mind is free in the process the more we discover on the way. This is a short introduction to vertical & creative mixed movement, a practice that helps us understand how our body wants to move! Let's follow it!


No prior experience required.


Eleni Danesi

Eleni is a body architect and movement practitioner, specializing in movement improvisation on space installations. She studied architecture in Athens and holds a Master's degree in conceptual architecture. With a background in martial arts, contemporary dance, aerial acrobatics, rock climbing, and bouldering as well as performing arts, she organized workshops that build bodily and spatial awareness based on mixed movement and art practices. She is currently working and practicing in Berlin, Athens & Leonidio.